Residential & Commercial Services

Our pool service goes beyond just a service, we treat your family like our family. We will always give honest quotes and will inform you when any additional services are need to help maintain your pool and its equipment. Providing quality and reliable service is our number one priority, our customers happiness is essential to our continued success in the community.

pool clean
Weekly Pool Service

Our weekly services gives you piece of mind and maintains your pool year round. The service includes maintaining water balance*, empty baskets, backwash filters, brushing, and skimming for debris.

*All basic chemicals are included. All other chemicals such as algaecides, phosphate removers, shock, calcium hardness, stabilizers, and salt. Will be charged extra and will be invoiced separately. 

pool repair
Pool Equipment Repairs

Just as your home gets older and requires repairs, so does your pool equipment. The intense summers in Arizona do a number on anything left  out exposed to the sun and the elements, so it is important to ensure equipment is always functioning properly. Our team inspects your equipment on a regular basis and will inform you promptly when repairs may be needed. 

Filter Cleaning

Keep filters clean help maintain the water balance in the pool and help your equipment function properly. We recommend having your filters cleaned every 3 months. In Arizona, it is even more important to keep filters clean with monsoon season, dust storms and just overall desert living.

swimming pool cleaning
acid wash
Acid Wash

Acid washing removes stains and buildup on a pool’s plaster or Pebble Tec. This is an effective way to remove mineral, algae, dirt and rust stains. Your pool will look clean and sparkle like when it was built. We recommend your tile be cleaned at the same time. Together, these techniques will help to better maintain your pool.

tile cleaning
Tile Cleaning

We use an all-natural approach to tile cleaning. Pool blasting with glass beads and salt are effective for removing the mineral and calcium deposits on your pool tile, Pebble Tec and rock. We then polish and seal the tile to prevent the minerals from adhering to the tile at a faster rate. We will provide you with the knowledge to continue caring for your tile and to help maintain it in the future.

pool deck reapirs
Pool Deck Repairs & Re-Surfacing

On top of our other services, we also can offer repairs to your pools surrounding deck. If the deck is cracked or crumbling, we can make repairs. If your deck is old or needs to be completely re-done we can provide the expertise to resurfacing your pool decking.